KBK Environ is a research advisory company involved in identifying and conceptualizing innovative technology-based solutions in the core sectors that KBK Innovation Hub is involved in. The company incorporated in 2004 has been spearheading following projects: –

Projects under Techno commercial collaboration

  1. Nanobubble Technology
  2. Industrial Aquaculture
  3. Digital Agriculture
  4. State of the art integrated wheat processing plant of 5000mt/per day capacity
  5. Setting up of entrepreneurship innovation centers.
  6. Large format student housing projects for 10,000 students in one location.

Projects under Research and Development

  1. Development of Organic Bio fertilizers to replace application of chemical fertilizers.
  2. Research and Development on various variants of PAA(Peracetic acid) for application in water treatment, food industry.

Knowledge/Consultancy projects undertaken

  1. Conceptualization of Fashion Technology Park as an integrated infrastructure project as an international destination for sourcing fashion designs for mass production, Mohali
  2. Digital City /Knowledge Centric Township, Gwalior
  3. Conceptualization of Film City as an integrated infrastructure project as an International destination for providing state of the art facility for pre-production, post-production, and holding of film festivals, Chandigarh

In addition to the above-said projects, the thought leadership of the Advisory board of KBK Innovation Hub has been proactively participating in public policy discourse and advisories at the State /Central Govt levels.