Insurance Companies

Drive growth and reduce costs.

Our digitalized solutions enable insurance companies to transform from traditional manual paper-based processes to highly efficient automated processes. The modular approach allows for changes of individual segments such as pricing, policy issuance or loss settlement into seamless front-to-back processes. Off-the-shelf solutions for weather, agriculture and parametric NatCat insurance products minimize cost and time to market for these lines of business.

  • Consistent and efficient underwriting
  • Streamlined processes
  • Efficient claims handling and settlement
  • Extensive reporting

Reinsurance Companies

Gain price consistency and risk data enhancement through cendent companies.

We provide highly specialized and customized pricing solutions for reinsurers to enable them to efficiently serve cedent companies. Our experience and longstanding collaboration with reinsurers and alternative markets allows us to provide best execution solutions for our clients.

  • Automated pricing support
  • In-depth modelling and market understanding
  • Extensive network across reinsurers and alternative markets


From risk analysis to execution.

We support brokers with a strategic interest in weather, agro and NatCat products. Based on large-scale climate data provided by meteorological, hydrological, geological or space agencies we analyze risks, structure index insurance solutions and support best execution in highly specialized markets.

  • Risk analysis and solution design
  • Structuring of risk transfer products
  • Design of country-wide schemes and industry solutions
  • Education services

Governmental Agencies & Cooperatives

From micro to macro solutions.

We provide risk analysis and solution designs to cooperatives and governmental agencies ranging from macro to micro index solutions against risks from climate change and natural hazards. Our technology empowers decision makers to identify key risks and to visualize the footprint of actual catastrophic events.

  • Single platform for all relevant global datasets
  • Risk analysis and product structuring
  • Data aggregation on grids or administration levels
  • Event footprint analysis within days including GIS shape files

SME & Large Corporations

Bespoke risk transfer solutions.

Our extensive experience in weather risk management enables us to quickly grasp the weather dependency of companies and to statistically quantify their exposure. We believe that educating the decision makers about weather risk to be a cornerstone in building a longstanding weather risk management relationship. Being exceptionally well connected with risk takers, we find best execution solutions for clients.

  • Risk analysis and solution design
  • Structuring of risk transfer products
  • Execution and settlement services


Single Peril Financial Cover for Agriculture.

By utilising our extensive weather and climate data basis we supply corporates and individual growers involved in Agriculture bespoke parametric risk transfer solutions involving precipitation, temperature, satellite imagery and crop yields.

  • Risk analysis and feasibility studies for crops
  • Structuring of risk transfer products
  • Execution and settlement services
  • Education services


Global experience microinsurance schemes.

As Technical Assistance Facility manager of the InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) of KfW, a cornerstone of the G7 Initiative for Climate Change, CelsiusPro has an in-depth understanding of microinsurance schemes across the globe and has supported numerous companies in serving small-hold farmers’ insurance needs.

  • Risk analysis and feasibility studies
  • Structuring of risk transfer products
  • Design of country wide schemes and industry solutions
  • Education services