Nanobubble water a possible cure/help for COVID-19 patients…

Studies proving active oxygen’s effectiveness. You, your doctor, the animal and plant owners, the farmers, and everybody else will be amazed at the simple profound and powerful results obtainable from the professional technique, the nano-bubbles technology.

4.2.01 Nano-bubbles Oxy water

While 10% of our body’s energy comes from food and water… a staggering 90% of our energy comes from oxygen!

  • You can survive without food for about 40 days.
  • You can only survive without oxygen for several minutes before the body will die.

Nano-bubbles oxygen

There is a new method that uses the  Nano-bubbles oxygen in water, puts them through a patented device and then “super charges” the water with stable Nano  oxygen molecules ready for use by your body.


Oxygen Osustains life. It is the key element in the cellular production of energy. Every bodily function is dependent on oxygen, including the activity of the brain. Each cell needs adequate oxygenation to do its job.

The oxygen level has diminished dramatically since the pre-industrial era. Trees and plants utilize carbon dioxide and increase the oxygen level of the air. As these have lessened so has the oxygen.

In the body, this is the energy needed to digest food, circulate blood, deliver nutrients, eliminate toxins, perform organ functions, move around, think thoughts, and conduct all other activities.

Oxygen cleans and detoxifies the blood and tissues; it burns off cellular waste. It is essential in combating invading microorganisms. Oxygen soothes inflammation and pain. The presence of oxygen helps tissues heal. It also helps us deal with stress better, calming the nerves.

Without enough oxygen, tissues accumulate toxins from metabolic waste. There could also be a chronic low-grade infection by viruses, bacteria, candida yeast and/or larger parasites. Any of these give off toxins as well.

Most of us do not drink enough pure water, and may increase the need for oxygenated water!

Your body likely has an oxygen deficiency!

By now it should be clear how important oxygen is to the life and health of the body. Oxygen is basic to restoring and maintaining good health.

Nano-bubbles Oxygen Water, O2

Good clean water is being stuffed with oxygen in a variety of ways,  as the technologies improve, we will see the parts per million climb via Nano-bubbles technology, and these waters will be sold everywhere, Nano-bubbles oxygenated water will be in every home.

Everyone will buy Nano-bubbles oxygenated water and other oxygenated beverages in order to feel good again, and belief they will help to prevent disease. Nano-bubbles Oxygenated drinks are the next wave of popular beverages.

The only way most of us will get enough oxygen is by drinking it.


Extra oxygen can be quite helpful to people suffering from various illnesses.
The simplest way of getting extra oxygen is by fuller breathing and aerobic exercise. However, aerobic exercise uses up most of the extra oxygen inhaled.


Digital Agriculture


We offer global insurance digitalization solutions for insurers with focus on weather, agro and parametric NatCat products. The offering includes: seamless front-to-back solutions from data sourcing, pricing, policy management and settlement to climate and NatCat monitoring tools and consulting.



Project Director
Dr. Kishore Paknikar
Water bodies in many parts of India are contaminated on account of discharge of untreated sewage and other effluents from residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Due to this alarming situation, the National Green Tribunal has directed the State Governments to execute an action plan for restoring the water bodies. Recent scientific studies show that water resources in India are contaminated with harmful chemicals such as surfactants, pesticides, herbicides, plasticizers, dyes, metals, pharmaceutical and personal care products, endocrine disrupting chemicals etc. According to the Lancet Commission on pollution and health, about 50 deaths occurring in India per lakh population is attributable to water pollution.NANOBUBBLE

KBK Environ Infrastructure Ltd has a strategic focus on harnessing the tremendous potential of nanobubbles technology for treating water bodies. Our proprietary technology achieves very high levels of dissolved oxygen in water bodies and helps in the removal/degradation of pollutants. No addition of chemicals, ease of operation, high efficiency, low cost and complete safety are the hallmarks of our technology. The technology is set to revolutionize the practice of water and wastewater treatment in the country. We are confident that nano-bubbles technology will help realize the Government of India’s goal of providing safe water to its citizens