KBK Innovation Hub is a conglomerate of technology companies focused on implementing research based innovative technologies of the concepts to address issues related to Agriculture, Environment, Education, Youth, Women etc. KBK Innovation Hub is dedicated to collaborating, conceptualizing and implementing research and innovation driven social impact projects in collaboration with Global Domain experts to engineer value differentiation for all stakeholders of a better world.

Under the able guidance of Mr. Jagjit Kochar, the KBK Innovation Hub since its inception in 2004 has ventured into various domains with the dominant ones being:

  • KBK Environ Infrastructures Ltd. which is a research advisory company involved in identifying and conceptualizing innovative technology-based solutions for the sectors the group is involved in
  • Fish Biotech Private Ltd. presently working to achieve high standard aquaculture in Punjab
  • Nanobubble Tech Pvt. Ltd. a research organization aiming to revolutionize wastewater treatment by engineering appropriate nanobubble generation technology
  • Stellelent Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. a realty company aiming to deliver knowledge centric infrastructure


With a vision to present the world with innovations, the KBK Innovation Hub has started many projects, a few of which are as follows:

  • Nanobubbles technology in water purification- KBK Environ Infrastructures Ltd. aims to harness the potential of Indigenous Nanobubbles Technology for a quantum improvement in the quality of water and to redefine and redesign the present water treatment technologies and processes in a way more cost effective manner.
  • Industrial aquaculture- To automate aquaculture farm farming, the KBK Innovation Hub is ready to help the state of Punjab develop itself as a center of aquaculture expertise.
  • Digital Agriculture
  • State of the art integrated wheat processing plant of 5000mt/per day capacity
  • Setting up of entrepreneurship innovation centers



With its latest technology and high tech research activities, KBK Innovation Hub is ready to provide this world with the best of the upcoming revolutionary science.

Its projects especially the ones in the domain of Nanobubble generation have witnessed huge success wherein the nanobubble oxygenated water was not just used to treat ponds, lakes and increase their DO levels but also helped in cleaning of sewage.

The nanobubble water showed exceptional results in the form of increased production and reduced mortality rate when fed to hens in poultry farms.